Steering Committee
The Cardioscape Steering Committee is the formal decision-making body: it has a decisional role indicating the overall direction and supervising the project. It monitors the quality and gives advice on the scientific content of the project.
It is comprised of :

  • Axel Pries – Chair
  • Panos Vardas – Deputy Chair
  • Robert Preissner – Deputy Chair
  • Wolfgang Ballensiefen
  • Francesco Cosentino
  • Tomasz Guzik
  • Maddalena Lettino
  • Jeremy Pearson
  • Frans Van de Werf
  • David Wood

Implementation team

ESC European Heart Agency:

Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin:

  • Radu Huculeci (Team Manager)
  • Paola Thellung (Project Manager)

ESC Projects & Systems Division:

  • Mathias Dunkel (IT Expert)
  • Renata Abel (Project Manager)
  • David Sebastiao (IT Expert)